Okay, you have constructed your Ottawa business, gained a decent amount of community recognition, and are now hoping to expand. For this business, you might have created a website, too. You’re on the right track; but how much influence is your website design having on your Ottawa customers?

Are you getting the amount of attention and conversions you deserve? Therein lies the main goal of decent website design.

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If you have an excellent website design, you have added the necessary spice to make your digital marketing recipe 5-star worthy. So, while you might have been ignoring the reasons to have great website design, you really need to pay attention to it in 2018 and beyond now that user experience has come front and center in marketing:

Usability and Optimization

One of the most important reasons an Ottawa business needs a good website design is usability and ease of navigation. Though your website may be packed with information, if your users can’t find what they are looking for, what is the point? Quality web design is intuitive and lets people see exactly what is important to them.

Since web design also plays into user experience (UX) and makes it SEO-friendly, you also keep Google happy. A happy Google means higher ranks in SERPs, which every Ottawa business owner wants.

Customer Service

A good website acts much like a customer service representative. Poor design and poor speed comes across like a rude employee would. A quality site, however, is the exact imagine of perfect customer service—quick, efficient, and cheerful. Make a good impression by investing in a great web design.

Plus, if your website has up-to-date, fast, and professional, it builds trust in your Ottawa business brand.


Customers like consistency online. Websites with bizarre fonts and colours are not going to attract people, unfortunately. One of the goals of decent website design is actually to minimize distractions. Make sure discrepancies are smoothed out to increased the user experience and allow for streamlined navigation.

Brand Recognition

When people stay on your website longer and find all the information they want, the image of your brand will eventually be burned into their mind. This means that your brand recognition is going to increase exponentially. The best brands, take Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, and others, can be recognized both in store and online. Good web design means that users will see your logo and know it’s yours automatically.


On a basic level, web design should be in constant competition with your rivals. When you go above and beyond your competitors to have a stellar design that is easy to navigate, displays great content, and gives a wonderful impression of your business to the local target audience in Ottawa, you have already bounded over the competition.


Having a quality web design is something that every Ottawa business with an online presence should invest in. Hiring a professional web designer to ensure you are getting the most optimized site that suits your industry is a critical step in gaining brand recognition and more business both through e-commerce and at your storefront.