How we conduct a business is always changing. Thanks to technology, more people are able to pick up a phone and immediately check for the products they want. No wonder marketing has shifted its focus to a more digital layout, where ads are seen on multiple platforms. Yet, so many marketers are missing, well, the mark when it comes to their practices. How? 

They are ignoring Google. 

Google, as you may know, is the most used search platform in the world. It is also at the core of several smaller platforms, like YouTube. So, if you are not making use of what Google has to offer, you are missing out on integral pieces of a marketing strategy. 

That is why we are going to discuss the importance of Google in digital marketing today. 

The Role of Google

Regardless of your niche, people are most likely to discover it using Google. One study reported that 71 percent of consumers begin their buyer’s journey on Google. Therefore, you want to do your best to be in Google’s favour. 

Ever since something called Search Engine Optimization (SEO) came onto the playing field, ranking on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) has become the goal of many businesses with websites. Google has had major influences on SEO, as well. They even published pages upon pages of guidelines for website owners to follow, called Google Webmasters.

So, Google has a stake in the internet. For you, this means that using the tools they provide will be beneficial to your marketing campaign.

Google’s Marketing and SEO Tools

Google might not seem like a useful tool on the surface. Yet, when you dig a little deeper, you will find that Google offers a lot of supplemental services for businesses to help them strengthen their presence online. From Google My Business to Google AdWords, there is something that every business or brand can use to make the most out of Google. The other thing you cannot overlook is Google Analytics. 

Google Analytics is often called the key to success in digital marketing. The insights that are offered are priceless. With Google Analytics, you get to see the demographics visiting your website, how they arrive to the site, and which pages are doing the best at gaining traffic. You can see how people travel across your website as well. It’s a super effective way to formulate your next marketing move. 

For instance, if you have specific keywords that your website focuses on, you can see which keywords are attracting traffic. Similarly, if you are using social media to drive traffic, you can tell from which platforms people are coming. This kind of insight tells you which platforms to focus on and which to ignore. You can then set a more informed strategy and budget. 

What it boils down to is this: Google gives you useful information. 

Google Search Console

Another helpful resource that is given to you by Google is called Search Console. Previously known as Google Webmaster Center, this free tool is one way to fine tune your SEO without much hassle. You can use Google Search Console for things like:

  • Receiving website alerts when something goes wrong on your site. This could be anything from a coding error to a DDOS attack or malware. 
  • Improved visibility on your website. Google Search Console will tell you where your website needs improvement, so you can work on SEO. 
  • Enhanced indexing. When you are launching a new digital marketing campaign, you might have a landing page or other content that you want indexed faster than others. With Search Console, you can submit the webpage directly for indexing. 
  • Check which sites are linking to your website, so you can use keywords and create valuable connections. 

Google’s Own Digital Marketing Course

Lastly, if you ever wondered why Google plays a role in digital marketing, you might want to take a look at the course Google has developed. Not only has Google claimed its stake in things like social media, blogging, emails, and video, but it has also shown what a powerhouse it is with teaching others how to be successful. Now, you can learn the fundamentals of digital marketing for free through Google. 

Anyone who uses this platform is going to know exactly how to make use of Google’s resources. Plus, they are going to think of strategies that utilize Google. Therefore, it has to be repeated, without Google you miss the mark with your marketing scheme. 


Whether you are a business owner or a marketer or somewhere in between, understanding how Google has affected the digital marketing world is essential. The role it plays is massive. Growing your business requires the use of all resources available, so why not take advantage of the tools created by Google? Not only will you boost your SEO in the process, but using the most popular search engine will get your marketing campaign seen more quickly.