How do you know that you need a new logo designed?

Your brand name and reputation is important to you, as is the logo affixed to it. As potential customers see your logo, they will soon begin to recognize the image as part of your brand’s identity. Thus, you cannot go without a logo. Nor can you have a logo that goes without creating lasting impressions on your clientele. An excellent logo can give you an advantage over the competition by enhancing your vision, message, and worth.

So you have to ask yourself, “Could it be time for a new logo?” Here is some food for thought to help you answer that question:

1. How does the logo look on different forms of media?

A good logo is one that looks the same no matter the resolution or the form of media that it is on. You want to be able to turn it upside down and still have it be recognizable to people. Also, if your logo is in colour, you need to test how it looks in black and white, and vice versa. Check out how it looks digitally and on printed media. If any of these factors make your logo look terrible, then you need to consider a new one.

2. Is the logo more than 10 years old?

Though many great logos have lasted several decades (like the Apple icon or the Nike Swish), every logo will eventually begin to look dated in some way. Business evolves and recreates itself at a grueling pace, and logos that can’t keep up are fodder. In that sense, while this doesn’t mean you have to completely recreate your logo, you can introduce a “facelift,” or subtle enhancements. Actually, companies like Starbucks, Apple, and Pepsi do this regularly.

3. Does the logo represent your current business?

Simply said, the business you were when you first began is no longer the business you are now (unless your endeavour is a week old). Your old logo was made according to processes and products that have probably changed, matured, and grown. Thus, the old logo captures that moment. In order to display the maturity of your business, as well as how much it has expanded, create a logo that encapsulates the current values and mission of your company.

4. Was your logo a DIY project?

Logos you created or ones done by family members are nice…but you really need a professional touch. An emphasis on professionally done design continues to pave the way for business representation. In short, if your logo isn’t getting talked about and complimented, you need help.

5. Is your logo too complex?

Too many gradients, fonts, and colours will drag your logo down and make it look like a visual mess. This doesn’t mean you can’t unleash your creativity with what you want, but understanding that gradients, drop shadows, and clip art is just…obsolete. Plus, as mentioned before, these outdated design techniques don’t carry over well to other forms of media.

In short, choose a simple design that is effective in capturing the essence of your business mission and values. Your logo should be recognizable to only your brand name. Because of how important your logo is, if you answered yes to any of these questions… do get yourself a new one as soon as possible. Talk to us about your next logo project.