Are you still on the fence about hiring an SEO? Here are 10 benefits that might persuade you to hire one.

An SEO company can be of great help in increasing your site’s visibility and getting it to rank higher on Google page searches, plus, there are tons of other benefits to hiring a search engine optimization agency.

Check out these 10 advantages of hiring an SEO Agency before you make up your mind!


1) Increased traffic:

When visitors come from search engines like Google, they’re ready for conversion; when they come from non-search sources, then not so much. Search engine optimization is all about giving potential customers what they want when they need it most – which is now!


2) More business opportunities:

A strong website presence is good for business – it gives more opportunities to potential customers. According to research, 93% of consumers who searched on Google said they looked for more information before making a purchase decision.


3) Cost effectiveness:

SEO is not as expensive as you might think – especially if you hire an agency or consultant to do the work versus trying to learn about SEO yourself. Plus, outsourcing your SEO ensures greater accuracy and scalability. For some businesses, hiring an expert might even cost less than the resources they’d have to invest if they tried it themselves. Plus, when clients find you because of the SEO efforts, it pays for itself.


4) Improved website design:

Today’s best practices for website design are based on conversions rather than aesthetics, which can be different from what has worked in the past. Utilizing an SEO company can be especially helpful when it comes to designing any new content or making changes to your existing site.


5) Sharper business focus:

As an expert in search engine optimization, you’re not just focusing on the website – you’re focusing on what makes money for the business overall. You’ll see which products or services are selling best and where they need improvement, which will help improve customer retention levels over time.


6) Getting found is easier than ever:

Now more than ever, consumers start their purchase research with a major search engine like Google (82%) before doing further research online (79%). Plus, close to 75% of people believe that companies should make information available especially if they appear high in the search results. That means you’re reaching a huge market if your business is easily found on Google and other search engines.


7) Improved website performance:

Regular SEO audits can help improve user experience and site functionality – leading to better conversions overall. Your site might be slow, with old out-of-date content or broken links, which hurts your SEO efforts over time. A strong web presence starts with a website that works well for visitors and google bots alike!


8) You’ll know how your online investment is doing:

It’s important to track your website’s progress as it relates to SEO efforts because there are so many factors involved in rankings. Plus, it has been that an increase of just one position in rankings can have a positive impact on traffic, leads, and conversion rates.


9) You’ll know when you’re ranking well:

SEO companies will be able to share their insights with you about how your site is doing in organic search results – which keywords are working for you and what to focus on next. Having this information not only saves time but it ensures that your SEO efforts aren’t going to waste because they’re working toward specific goals and milestones!


10) It’s all part of the service:

An SEO company or consultant might offer additional services like website design, PPC management, reputation management, and social media marketing and can do those simultaneously – it’s just included as part of getting found online. Since these services all work together, it’s more advantageous for your business to have everything done by one company instead of hiring different experts for every job.



Hiring an SEO company can be one of the best decisions you make for your business – these 10 benefits are just a taste of what they can do! Still on the fence? Do some more research and see if an SEO agency is a right choice for you. Thanks for reading!