Digital marketing has changed the landscape of how and why advertisements are used. Competition has gotten stronger throughout the years as more companies refine their technique. Better yet, digital marketing continues to evolve alongside technology. This means that you get access to things you never would have in the past. Marketers can even revise their strategies and use a variety of techniques to achieve better results than ever before. 

One of those tactics is called “remarketing.”

The Core of Remarketing

Do you believe in second chances? You should, because that is basically what remarketing is all about. Remarketing is the process of retargeting customers that have already visited your site and showed some interest in a service or product. However, for whatever reason, those individuals decided not to convert. 

This is true for a lot of customers, however. One study found that 96 percent of website users were not ready to buy or even close to buying. 

When you have a marketing strategy, you should also have a remarketing strategy to go alongside it. With remarketing, you target those who have spent time on your web pages and present to them a specialized set of ads on websites they visit. The ads promote the item or service they appeared to have interest in but in a more personal way. This increases the visitor’s brand recall and the likelihood they make a purchase. 

That means that remarketing is more valuable than most would assume on first glance. After all, you are not going to convince most people to buy right away. You need to persuade them a little.

Reasons to Consider Remarketing

Let’s have a look at some reasons why remarketing is so useful:

Stay in Touch With Potential Customers

Nothing is more frustrating than having people visit your site, opt-in to information, and then never engage with your site again. You do not have to let them slip away. You already have their attention. Now, you just need to rekindle their interest. Foster a relationship. Right out. Whether you have their email address or not, you can still target them with remarketing to bring them back. 

More Leads and Conversions

Remarketing is useful for your business because it brings more leads without much increased cost. Being that we are all human, we can all agree that life can be distracting at times. It is not uncommon for people to forget about a cool website they visited or a product they wanted to buy. Therein is the power of remarketing: you can give gentle reminders with ads and video that encourage people to come back. 

More Brand Recall

SEO has made it easier for businesses to attach certain keywords to their brand, making it easier for people to remember over time. Remarketing enables you to make use of that. Once interested customers have visited your website, they will usually decide to purchase your services or products over the competition if they have seen you more than other businesses. Continue to resonate, and you will gain dominance. 

What Are Different Remarketing Methods?

There are several ways you can make use of remarketing. These include:

Display Ads

Google Adwords already has a remarketing function built-in. You can also use remarketing ads on social media sites, like Instagram or Facebook, to connect with people. There are many benefits to using these kinds of ads in your remarketing efforts, such as focused advertising, expanded reach, and excellent timing. You can also make use of the analytics from Google to help you fine tune your remarketing. 

Email Remarketing

If you already have information about your customers through opt-in subscriptions, then you have an easy way to touch base with them. You can send messages that talk about their browsing habits or what was left in the shopping cart or even if they could share some thoughts on the shopping experience. Any of these things will enable you to keep the potential customer engaged with your brand. 

Video Remarketing

There are two main avenues for video remarketing: 

  • If you have videos on YouTube, you can retarget to your audience as they spend time on other channels within the Google Display Network. 
  • You can remarket with ads featuring video to make them more engaging to the audience. Video is often a smarter choice than text and static images for many demographic groups. 

Video is also favored by mobile users. If you use video remarketing correctly, you may even notice that you rank higher on SERPs. 

List Search Ad Remarketing

Maybe someone visited your site but was not fully convinced and decided to search again. You can target those users, too. By selecting the correct keywords and setting a high enough bid, you can use remarketing ads to your advantage. You could remind those who previously visited your site about your services and products. 

Additionally, with the remarketing list search ads, you get a broader pool of keywords. You can also set which audiences are meant to see the ad, helping you narrow your target demographic even further. 


Remarketing is extremely useful to your business, no matter your niche. The reason is that remarketing helps you keep in touch with users who have previously engaged with your website or business in some way. You can remind them about your brand, increasing brand recognition and awareness, and also keep them interested in what you are offering. Plus, you send out a message to those who already visited that you value their business. In other words, you can lower costs and create more opportunities for growth.