Infographic Design

What is an Infographic?

By definition, an infographic is a visual image such as a chart or diagram used to represent information or data.


Pictographs, Mazinaw Rock, Bon Echo Provincial Park, ON

An infographic is a very effective way of getting information across to the viewer in a graphical, memorable way. It has a story-telling aspect to it that aids the viewer in understanding and retaining the information being shared. Rather than paragraphs of text which people often either skim or don’t read at all, an infographic attracts and invites the viewer in.

Other words sometimes used for infographic are pictograph and pictogram. These are known in history as the earliest form of writing. Examples have been found in Egypt and Mesopotamia from before 3000 BC. We have our own examples here in Ontario such as Mazinaw Rock in Bon Echo Provincial Park.

Potvin Financial brought me a project where they wanted to detail their company process on their website homepage. Many of their potential customers have the same questions when trying to choose a financial advisor. Outlining their process would help to answer those questions and to determine whether Potvin team would be a good fit for them.

The biggest challenge was the amount of text in this case. It somehow needed to be broken up and brought alive with images and headings. We created this infographic below. It was also adapted to an 8.5 x 14″ printed flyer to be used with prospective clients.

infographic design