Website for Corporate Consultant

We had the pleasure of creating this website for corporate consultant Scott J. Weiler with guidance from his business coach, Jan Eden. This project presented a unique challenge because Scott provides a number of exclusive services to corporations. These include leadership and financial roles, which can be difficult to portray. The website presents Scott’s core values and services by utilizing a close relationship between image and the written word.

Copy is absolutely crucial in a website whether it be written word, video or podcast. Words are needed to transfer your key message to your target audience. But picture is also important because in this age of mobile phones, people are reading less. The solution here was to use visual image to evoke thoughts and feelings, in order to draw the viewer in to read the text. The text in this site is divided into smaller, digestible sections using quotes, background images, and insights.

“Selling is essentially a transfer of feelings.” — Zig Ziglar

Over the course of the project we went through several rounds to finalize the main hero image. The “hero” image is the first visual that the viewer encounters on a website. Its primary purpose is to convey the key message, thought or feeling of the site. One of our main goals was to communicate Scott’s values in order to attract clients with like values. When you visit his site and read more about him, you will likely see why this particular image with the prairie fields, warm light and the door conveys these values.


Website for Corporate Consultant