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Last week I asked the question Is Direct Mail Dead? and concluded that no it is not. One advantage I outlined in the article is that not a lot of companies are utilizing “snail mail” compared to digital methods. While most of us are inundated with emails, texts and social media – we are receiving less and less in our postal mailboxes. There’s something to be said about receiving a nicely designed letter or package in the mail. 

When the mail is delivered to a thoughtfully targeted recipient, chances are it will be opened and read. There is even a chance it will be kept for a few days or longer. Digital media on the other hand can be deleted instantly with one click or swipe.

I had the pleasure of designing this brochure for freelance lawyer Amy Grubb. Her plan was to send it out to a number of hand-picked recipients who had the high potential of being in need of her services. For size, we chose an 8.5 x 11″ sheet folded in half, so when folded the front cover would measure 5.5 x 8.5″. This would make it so that the envelope would be a slightly different size than the norm, and also give the front cover more space to make an impact than say a tri-fold brochure would.

We planned the photo shoot so that Amy would be on the front cover looking directly at the viewer, evoking trust and confidence. One challenge (but kind of a fun challenge) is that Amy looks younger than her actual age, so could potentially come across as a “Junior” lawyer with less experience than she actually has. Using photography, font styles, design and colour, our goal was to let the viewer know that although she looks young, she has 10 years experience at a large firm and is not a junior lawyer. That she can save their firm money in comparison to them having someone like her in-house.

In projects like these, it’s a huge advantage to have such an amazing photographer to work with like Annemarie Gruden. To be able to start with top-notch professional photographs makes the creative process so much easier.

It was a great experience to work with these two ladies to create a successful piece of marketing collateral!