Typographic Book Cover

Own Your Shit by Tim Richardson

It was a pleasure to work with Tammy Plunkett of Big Sky Author Services on this typographic book cover.

I still remember my first “typography only” graphic design project in art college: to design a wine label using only fonts. When the assignment was given, it seemed like an impossible task. Especially for a wine label! How can you give the viewer the colour, flavour, body, environment, feeling of a certain wine… all with JUST typography?

Yet, I remember it being one of the most enjoyable projects. Typography uses colour. It can evoke flavour, body, environment, feeling, emotion and more. And by eliminating other imagery, photos and graphics, the design is stripped down to a more simple form. This gives the design even more power.

This book by Tim Richardson has a very attention-getting title, and I look forward to reading it myself! The book is now available for purchase on Amazon.