In the past, the brand was the logo, a design, the words on a crumpled up napkin. People didn’t think much about the brand or how it looked, because there was less competition. Yes, your logo needed to look good, but it didn’t have the same value that it does in today’s technologically dependent society. A brand now becomes affiliated with memories, images, relationships, and stories that merge together within the minds of the customers. It is those positive interactions with the brand that ultimately compel a customer to invest more time, money, and effort into the relationship.

In other words, there is more to a brand than the symbol, just like a basketball player is more than his sneakers and number on his jersey or a baker is more than the icing on their cakes.

You obviously have hopes, dreams, and a vision of success if you plan on starting a business or redesigning what you already have from the ground up. Your logo is not your business, but your business needs a visual representation. Everything you put forward is going to tell your story to the consumers.

That is why you paired up with a business coach to form a strategy for achieving your goals. Similarly, you visit a graphic designer to bring the image of your brand’s mission into reality. As any business coach will tell you, a strong representation of your brand will help you stand out from the crowd—and if you have something unique that separates you from everyone else, then you already have the upper hand.

But there’s more to graphic design than that.

Design tells a story, the very story that you are going to share and deepen as you engage with your customers. An engaging design will entice people to interact with your brand, aid in brand recognition, and conjure up a sense of familiarity between your target audience and your services or products.

Graphic design gives your brand life, both digitally and in print.

At New Dimension Design, you can come in with your business coach or alone and have your idea transformed into something real and tangible that you can proudly show off to the world. You will receive consistent brand that transitions across every medium you work with.

Most of all, the design goes beyond the logo to a new dimension. To the heart of your story, your brand. Your goal.

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